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Get access to exclusive pokemon sniper (PoGoSniper) features & support:

Is it possible to get access to auto snipe?
Yes! If you become Donator or Contributor or higher rank. Add reward as shown on Here! to get access.

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NEW: Is your pokemon GO account banned? softbanned?
We can help to get your pokemon go account unbanned. (Pokemon Go Unban Service).
- Cant find your rare pokemon 100 IV ?
- Premium sniper (Pokesnipers) features - Exclusive level 100IV rare pokemons coords!
- Exclusive Discord chat group and colors!
- Cannot get your snipe pokemon go program or tools to work ?
- We will help you setup your program.
- Mac Version! (Yes it will work on mac (apple) & windows, linux). - 1:1 Support to all setup.
- Secret donator chat!
- Unlimited API
- Beta features
- Future updates (Only Donator and higher rank.)
- Automatic gameplay setup (auto pokemon snipe)
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PRESS RELEASE - PARIS - 9th August 2016 - Pokesniper.org


Thanks for supporting Pokesniper.org project!

We have thousands of users online daily and growing rapidly fast! Therefore we are expanding quickly and adding features for users that makes it much easier to play pokemon GO! The pokesniper.org project helps saving your a lot of time if you are pokemon Go player!

How it works:
Our project is crowdsourced and all information comes from the community and thats why we need you! We get coords from chats and in realtime show coordinates of rare pokemons on pokesniper.org Website - this makes Pokemon GO gameplay much easier and we help many thousands people catch and snipe their favorite pokemons they are looking for instantly. We also develop and cooperate with other 3rd party applications so it can be automatic and much easier gameplay experience.

What we need:
As we need to add constant servers and features to run pokesniper.org project, we appreciate support that keeps it alive and helps many other Pokemon Go Pokesnipers gamers! We have already 10 servers running the project!

For proof and verification we have many thousands users online!
Discord: 1800 online on live chat here: https://discordapp.com/invite/EWRygUy
We are biggest discord community in world with over 80000 members!
Twitter 5000 followers here: https://twitter.com/pokesnipers_
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pokesnipers/ (17500 followers).

You can support us with a few coins - becoming a patron - we will be grateful and give it all back to the community by creating the best way you can catch rare pokemons!

Pokesniper.org - snipe it quickly!
We are giving it all back to the community!

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We are constantly growing!
Thanks for your support!
Official website http://pokesniper.org Team

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